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“Best New Restaurants in America, 2018” by Jeff Gordinier

Esquire Magazine, November 2018

“… Jason Vaughan and pastry chef Julia Doran and cocktail master Kristine Nguyen seem to operate in deft sync, is like a roadside diner in which a bunch of Michelin-starred talents are secretly hiding out, thanks to the witness-protection program.”

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"Nancy’s Hustle and Theodore Rex Gave Us Much Food for Thought" by Scott Vogel

Houstonia Magazine, May 2018

"Meanwhile, our entrée discussion at Nancy’s proves extended but fruitful. And how could it be otherwise, given a kitchen only capable of the delectable? Not surprisingly, most mains feature unusual pairings and complicated preparation, even as the pleasures induced are simple in the extreme. Vaughan’s sourdough tagliatelle is the pasta dish of your dreams..."


“The 13 Best Restaurants in the Country in 2018” by Khushbu Shah

Thrillist, November 2018

“The restaurant never quite defines what Nancy’s Hustle really is -- when I ask Jensen, he explains that it doesn’t really mean anything at all -- but if it is to make anyone who walks through the doors a regular, she has succeeded with flying colors.”



"Every Single Place to Eat (and Drink) Right Now in Houston" by Christina Chaey


How do you pick out the industry folks at Nancy's Hustle, a buzzy new neighborhood bistro in East Downtown? It will be late (the kitchen is open until midnight), and they’ll be geeking out over the natural wines. They’ll also be snacking on tender lamb dumplings and Nancy cakes—a kind of johnnycake topped with trout roe. You should join them."


"Review: Nancy's Hustle in Eado" by Alison Cook


"Nancy’s Hustle is just that for me, a beacon of quality on my rapidly evolving east end of town. Chef Jason Vaughan, beverage whiz Sean Jensen and their intelligent staff could make regulars out of a hardened cynic. The well-edited menu may list only 20 items, but I’ve already found enough favorites to bring me back again and again."


Houston's 14 Hottest Restaurants, March 2018


"This EaDo newcomer is earning rave reviews from Houston diners thanks to its menu of exciting, broadly influenced fare. Find dishes like Turkish dumplings served with labneh and lamb jus, tagliatelle made with sourdough and tossed with burrata, honey, and brussels sprouts, and Parmesan cheesecake."


"These 8 bartenders are the mix masters behind Houston's best drinks" by Eric Sandler


"(Kristine) Nguyen’s creative cocktails deserve some of the credit for Nancy’s Hustle’s status as one of the city’s hottest restaurants. The Bad News Bar vet has crafted a tidy, five-drink menu that offers subtle twists on favorite cocktails that are designed to match the chef Jason Vaughan’s eclectic menu, but don’t feel limited by what’s on the menu. When asked by friends to create off-menu classics like a Sidecar or an Amaretto Sour, Nguyen has risen to the challenge and earned raves."


"New EaDo Restaurant Nancy’s Hustle Delivers On The Hype" by Phaedra Cook


"After tasting Doran’s homemade pasta used for the Turkish dumplings in our smaller shared plates, we also ordered the Sourdough Tagliatelli. It’s a don’t-miss item on the menu—a richly flavorful pasta dish that manages to somehow be both substantial and ethereal and adorned with burrata, honey, pistachios and crispy brussel sprouts. The brussel sprouts are also served solo as a side dish."