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small plates

bread & butter with flake salt

broiled raclette over roasted potatoes and tiny pickles

parmesan and pancetta croquettes

roasted brussels sprouts with tonnato sauce & parmesan

sweet potato with chipotle, maple yogurt, and seeds

turkish dumplings with spicy tomato vinaigrette, labneh, and lamb jus

nancy cakes with whipped butter & smoked trout roe

french fries with chili aioli


medium plates

gem lettuce with crispy pancetta, anchovies, fines herbs, and sherry vinaigrette

greens with green apple, herbs, and dijon dressing

parmesan and pancetta croquettes

lamb tartare, green olives, almonds, and sesame seed crusted flat bread

enough cheese for you and some friends with all the accessories

a country terrine of rabbit liver, wrapped in bacon with whole grain mustard and grilled sourdough

nancy cakes with whipped butter & smoked trout roe


large plates

sourdough tagliatelli, burrata, honey, pistachios, and crispy brussels sprouts 

wood grilled half chicken, basque chili, charred scallions, and preserved lemon jus

burger on a brioche english muffin, american cheese, pickles, red onion, and fries

roasted snapper with charcoaled beets, fennel aioli, and grilled lemon

rabbit leg confit & bacon-wrapped rabbit loin, braised beans, and sage

hanger steak, herb crusted potato pave, black truffle jus


that sweet hustle

tea smoked creme brulee with strawberries and mint

sesame churros featuring hibiscus syrup

chocolate souffle orange creme anglaise

parmesan cheesecake and some black pepper honey